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Information For New Patients

Below is an information sheet which explains what to expect on your first appointment.

You will be seen by a fully qualified registered practitioner.

All of our practitioners have the required insurance

We understand that some people are nervous. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative into the treatment room with you.

Please do not hesitate to ask the practitioner to stop the treatment at any time during you appointment either if you are uncomfortable or seek clarification over anything.  We welcome questions and want you to understand what is happening.  

The practitioner may need to see not only the area which is causing problems but other areas which may be related to your condition. You may be asked to undress to your underwear. If you feel uncomfortable and prefer to stay clothed, we will work as best as we can.  You may bring loose fitting shorts and a T shirt which may be easier. We have towels to cover you with.

Practitioners need to know about your health, past and present. You will be asked more detailed questions about your complaint, medical history including operations and illnesses, whether you are taking any medication and about any changes in your general
health. Although some questions may seem unnecessary all this information helps the practitioner to make a diagnosis and a suitable treatment plan for you.

The practitioner may examine and view you whilst you are standing up to assess your posture.

The practitioner may ask you to perform certain simple movements in order to understand and assess your condition.

Further examination will normally be conducted while you lie on the examination couch. The practitioner may do various tests such as blood pressure, reflexes, joint mobility and muscle strength.

The practitioner will make a diagnosis which will be discussed with you and in most cases some treatment will be given. If the practitioner does not think you will benefit from treatment they will explain this to you.

After treatment advice may be given to you to support the treatment and help you to be more comfortable.

If you have any questions before you see any practitioner please ask the receptionist.